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  • “Hurrah” Admission in various courses offered by college shall be open to all the candidates who fulfill the eligibility criterion.


Monthly Archives: February 2017

Chess competition

‘krjat izfr;ksfxrk ‘krjat izfr;ksfxrk esa tks Hkh fo|kFkhZ Hkkx ysuk pkgrs gS ]oks fu/kkZfjr le; vuq:i Hkkx ys ldrs gS A ;s izfr;ksfxrk izfrfnu fnukad 25@02@2017 ls 2@03@2017 j [kh x;h gS A le; 12 ls 2 cts rd 1-½

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Annual Function

meax &2017 okf”kZd mRlo Øa- fnuakd fo|k le; dk;ZØe izfrfu/kh 1 03-03-2017 vkuan esyk Nk=@Nk=k 9:00 to 12:00 lrh’k jk=s ]fo’kky exjs] yfouk MsfoM]ehuk rksej ]’osrk ‘kekZ 2 04-03-2017 jLlk dlh Nk=k@Nk= 8:30 to 10:15 pUnz’ks[kj iVsy]lqfer ;kno]Nk=ksa ds fy,A

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Congratulations to all the candidates of BCOM V sem (Hons.) result has been declared by DAVV ,all pass ; 100% (Naina Sisodiya scored highest -394 (78.80%) ). NSS CAMP:-College is organising NSS Camp at Baigram from 8th feb to 14 feb 2017.

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