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  • “Hurrah” Admission in various courses offered by college shall be open to all the candidates who fulfill the eligibility criterion.


A Word from Principal

Gaining of information in different arena only satisfies aspirant's social thirst but the self remains unsatisfied as a result immense potential of soul becomes uncontrolled and creates innumerable generation threats. At K.K.V.V.A.M. , we motivate and uplift the candidates in a manner to move step by step in attainment of higher consciousness. We believe every child is God-gifted and has immense potential. Our role is to identify their capabilities and inner talents so we provide them the methodology which unfolds their qualities.

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Komal SinghSecured 1st Position in DAVV Merit List in BCA II SEMESTER
Honey HedavSecured 5th Position in DAVV Merit List in B.Com III SEMESTER (honours).
Diksha Kushwah81.77% Bcom II Year(TAX)
Raja Solanki75% in B.Sc.(C.S.) I Sem
Mayur NihoreNational Softball Player B.Com II Year(TAX)
Jitendra PariharBCOM TAX I YEAR National Boxing Player
Nidhi PachporeSecured 2nd Position in DAVV Merit List in B.Com.(honour) I SEMESTER
Vanita Jain9th Rank in B.Com. 2014 D.A.V.V. Merit List
Gaurav MalviyaNational Player in Taekwondo
Shivani KaushalBest Chef Of Indore award by BTV Yuva